Cyclicor AB is a spin-off company from Lund University, Sweden.

It was started 2012 by Sang-Hyun Pyo and Rajni Hatti-Kaul.

The technology is based on cyclic carbonates developed from bio-based raw materials.

Using different strategies these cyclic carbonates can be processed into non-toxic and safe BPA-free polycarbonates and isocyanate-free polyurethanes.

Our target is to develop thermoplastic polymers that can be extruded in a lot of different processes (injection moulding, sheet extrusion, casting).

S.H. Pyo, R. Hatti-Kaul, Method for producing cyclic carbonates, PCT/SE2012/050513

The technology is covered by patents in several countries.
PCT/SE2012/050513, EP2709995B1, US9546147B2, CN103687851B, JP6141261B2, KR101903957B1, IN312157

Casted and moulded example of polymers produced in laboratory at Cyclicor AB.
Stiffness of PC-samples